Friday, September 25, 2009


Has it nearly been two months since I last posted? So that should say a little how my life it. Busy! So let's see, what's happened since? The kids started school. Loving that!

First day of school

I turned 33. Ouch!

And I've spent a lot of time reupholstering this

I've been looking for the perfect chair to go in my living room, but never could find the right fabric. So I decided that I would take a class and learn how to do it myself. I found this chair for $10! And the fabric was only $1/yard, so $3 total! I'm not usually frugal, and thought I'd probably spend just as much as I would on buying a new chair, but you can't beat $13. I was proud. Here it is taaadaaaa!


Brad said...

Too bad you won't let us sit in it!!! Just kidding. You are very talented and amazing.

Whiteley Family said...

WOW!!! you did an amazing job! Come and redo my chair!

alicia.king said...

beautiful kids! and Happy Birthday! you did a fabulous job on that chair!! wow! I want a one like Camille R!

Greg and Brittany said...

Your kids are beautiful and you are so talented! Not to mention you don't look a day over 24 :)

Anonymous said...

great chair--i'd love to learn so I can reupholster the blue monster in my living room!
Hey, I remember your sisters doing a watch jewelry thing or something? Do they still sell it? I am looking for something like that for my christmas gift... can you email me any info? brittanydaw at hotmail dot com

crystal said...

This chair is fabulous. Go you !

lacey said...

Love the chair! Way to go!!