Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunflower Seeds

Oh how my family loves sunflower seeds. Brad loves them in the car. I love to see how many I can get in my the seed the seed......and store the shell in my cheek without getting slobber all over and without accidentally eating a shell. I am up to 13 now :) Zack loves the challenge of just getting them open. Ashlyn loves that salty taste. O.K. so only four out of the six loves them.

My neighbor gave us two of her huge sunflower heads. I was totally infactuated with them. I have never seen a head with the seeds still in. Amazing! We gutted, soaked, baked, and ate!

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Ann said...

You definately have more patience than me. I just buy a bag at the store. What a fun thing to do with the kids though. How do they taste?